One wonders why we have three major holiday’s in just over a one month window. Two of the three are known to cause headaches, stress, turmoil and are guaranteed to bring up old and forgotten family issues.

So why on earth do we put ourselves through that. Maybe that’s why New Years Eve is such a big deal. When we finally get there, we celebrate and hear resounding cheers of “Thank god that’s over”.

Each one thinking that the other is cheering for the turning of the calendar but silently we say, “OMG, it’s finally over”

But the reality is this. It never has to be this way. We let it happen to us as we dive into the turmoil of the moment. Life is too short. The rude and nasty need not apply. Take your attitude to the in-laws. Get over yourself.

Or take my advice. Take a break from the most stressful holiday season. Leave them behind and find a new tradition. Start something just for you.

Go south, go north, take a break in your own back yard. Leave the work to someone else, relax and have fun.

That is our goal here at the PineCrest. Take the hell out of the holiday. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. It’s all here at your finger tips.


A Light Snow Falls

2012 trotted in with the usual expectations. No sprint to the New Year, No stagger, swagger or roll. Just a hand shake, a nod and a good toast. “May this year be better than the last but not as good as the next”.

Looking in the mirror and seeing the next moment in our life. Another gray hair, another wrinkle…perhaps…… a wry smile and the confidence to say “Damn, I look good”.

With our feet firmly planted in our own unique reality, we grasp firmly at all that matters and remember that this moment, right now, this second……. cannot be repeated….ever.

But I will remember. I will remember this second, this minute, this hour, this day.

Here at the PineCrest Inn, we ready for another year. Another year of meeting new friends, welcoming tired and weary travelers and inviting them into this place we call home.

For 2012, the PineCrest will welcome another 3000 guests. Fix as many breakfasts and three times as many cups of coffee. Pour more than one glass of wine and witness a dozen proposals and nuptials, a handful of anniversaries, many birthdays and hundreds of special moments.

This year, the Inn will celebrate the  opening of two more rooms. A upscale suite that will be known as “The Sandy Hook” and a another amazing room that will called ” The Hamilton”.  I expect both to be ready for their inaugural guests by May 1st and wonder who that will be. The rooms will be well loved by the time summer roles in with its welcoming warmth and brilliant beautiful days.

But for now. Just now. This moment. This second.This Day.

A light snow falls.

Waiting for Summer

Lights in the Night

February has  often been associated as the most romantic month, perhaps because of the holiday we celebrate in February but in fact January is the most amorous month of the year. We know this to be true because September is month with the highest recorded number of births.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still try to have a nice mid winter get-a-way.

Besides romance, February brings a host of activities for the agile at heart. Hiking in a coastal state park, snowmobiling on the Maine Trail System, walking through a nearby village and popping in and out of some great shops. Finding that cozy coffee shop to read a book in, warming your toes and noes. Or just hanging out in your room, watching movies and toasting to a good life.

But here at the PineCrest Inn, we can suggest all of those things and more. And to make that a real deal, we are giving a third night free to all two night stays provided you also make a dinner reservation in our highly rated restaurant, 91 South. Chef Gaston is on hand to create some highly tasty temptations of culinary creativity.

Since the big V Day is on a Tuesday this year, why not celebrate that holiday the weekend prior or even after.   If you celebrate it early, you can seriously surprise that special someone with a last minute trip.

The restaurant at the Inn, 91 South, features 65 wines by the glass and a full bar. On Friday nights, local musician Ken Karby stops by and plays Jazz guitar. Often during the year, we also feature other musicians performing in private house concerts.

Many of these special nights are unpublicized and last minute so you never know when someone must just show up.

Call us directly at the Inn to book your nights and make your dinner reservation.  Go back to http://www.pinecrestmaine.com for general online booking options or call us at 207-839-5843 and we can serve you personally.

The Last New Years Eve on Earth.  Yeah, it might seem dramatic but that is exactly what the Mayans believed. You remember the history lessons about this ancient South American civilization. Well, their calendar, which has predicted so many astronomical events long after their demise, ends next year. I hate being a downer, but if its true, than this NYE is your last. Of course the last time we took the word of some weird calendar it was Y2K.  Remember that one. We were supposed to see wide-spread electrical outages, ATM’s spitting out free money, computers shutting down, cats and dogs sleeping together…..

So why not – that’s right. Why not go ahead and make this year a great New Year, regardless of what 12/12 will bring. And we are kicking off this New Year in style. We have great rooms available, bottles of Champagne on ice, chocolate covered strawberries…..all included in your regular room rate.  We also have some seats set aside for those wanting to add-on a spectacular dinner. Chef Gaston is creating a belly busting dollar saving dinner.

Chefs  Choice Amuse

 Starter Course

Caramelized Diver Scallop with Beluga Lentils


 Roasted Buttercup Squash and Duck Bisque


Champagne Poached Pear Salad

-Winter greens, camembert, cherries, walnuts

Chef’s Choice Intermezzo

Entrée Course

Five Hour Beef Shank

-Aged Cheddar Whipped Potatoes, fig and apricot jus, roasted asparagus


Crispy Braised Chicken Thighs

-Olives, lemon, fennel, golden raisins, hearty moroccan broth, couscous


Pistachio and Olive Oil Poached Cod

broccolini, romesco

 Dessert Amuse

 Greek yogurt sorbet

  And of course an optional Dessert for those who just want more……


 flour-less chocolate Torte


White Chocolate raspberry cheese cake


 Join us at the PineCrest Inn and 91 South, a fabulous way to kick off 2012 – a casual late sleeper breakfast is included in all room rates.



Kick Off to 2010

I remember when “Party like its 1999” was a hit. Its so hard to think that so much time has passed. The arrival of the future appears so slow but the last 20 years are nothing but a blink and have passed like empty glass of good wine.

So here is my recommendation. Stop, rest, eat, drink, be merry and enjoy kicking off 2010 in someway that will bring this moment to a stand still. When we stop time for even a moment, then we are ready to enjoy that moment. It is so very much like taking a vacation from the drivers seat of your car. “Look kids, Big Ben…..Parliament……Look kids, Big Ben……Parliament.”  Said Chevy Chase repeatedly in National Lampoons European Vacation.

With 2010 on the immediate horizon, consider yourself invited to spend a few days in Maine enjoying the PineCrest Inn, Restaurant and Wine Pub.  Great Rooms are still available and start at only $107 per night for two guests. Each reservation will receive as the Innkeepers compliments, either a bottle of Italian Posecco (Champagne) or organically grown sparkling cider imported from France.

Come with friends, or come alone and make some new friends while you are here. After dinner, stroll into the village of Gorham and have fun at several New Years Eve celebrations, from entertainment to family activities.

The New Years Eve dinner at the PineCrest is usually a 5 course meal and amazingly delicious. We will post the actual menu when we get a bit closer to the big night.  You will certainly want to take advantage of our wine list featuring 65 wines by the glass from around the world. Tempt your palette with some amazing fruit from the vines and creative culinary creations from our own Chef Mo. Sit and enjoy live jazz during dinner with the musical styling of Ken Karby.

Dinner reservations sell out early every year so don’t miss out. Your dinner costs will be about $100 to $120 per couple. Add a couple nights and for a great price in the range of $325 to $425 you can stop time for just a few moments.

The PineCrest Inn, located in Southern Maine, now offers an exclusive 7 day-6 night vacation rental package which can accommodate up to 20 friends and family.

If you are looking for a summer vacation rental location that has BOTH deluxe amenities and affordability, The PineCrest of Gorham, Maine is for you! Located only 10 minutes off I95, Gorham, Maine is within 15 minutes of beautiful beaches, the cultural atmosphere of Portland, historic lighthouses and tours, islands, and scenic Sebago Lake (the largest lake in Southern Maine). Other nearby destinations are Freeport (35 minutes) and Kennebunk (45 minutes). PineCrest is conveniently located to reach everything you want to see and do while vacationing in Southern Maine.

RELAX! It’s taken care of………

Our rental package includes: 7 days and 6 nights at the Inn, daily breakfast for each guest (breakfast is served in the dining room and includes fresh brewed coffee, tea, juice, side of fresh fruit, main breakfast entrée), turn down service, housekeeping and free access to our 300 DVD library.

Our seven well appointed guestrooms can accommodate up 20 of your friends and family. Each beautifully decorated room is equipped with a private bath, luxury linens, an assortment of fine toiletries, TV, DVD Player, Cable and WIFI. Some rooms have additional amenities such as a fireplace and/or iPod docking station. All of our guests are treated to our pampering turn down service and helpful concierge.

»Read more about our guestrooms

GROUP RENTAL RATES: Starting at only $275 per person*
for a 7-day, 6-night Maine vacation!

We also offer an optional gourmet dinner, for you and your traveling companions, at the PineCrest Club. With advance reservations, enjoy a spectacular gourmet dining experience presented by our own Chef Mo.

Optional items and services include:
(individually priced per person)
• Lobster Bake
• Clam Bake
• Steak Bake
• Picnic Lunches
• Massage Sevices
• Pilate’s / Yoga
• Beer and Wine Service
• Full Dinner Menu
• Limited Dinner Menu
• Laundry Service
• All Inclusive Package (additional $5,500)
• Additional nights – priced per room at base rate

All options are priced separately Á-la-carte. However, arrangements can be made if you would like options to be included as an “all inclusive” package. Please inquire during booking.

*Based on 20 guests and start at $275 per person – does not include tax, gratuity, alcohol, additional optional items, additional staffing, damage deposit – $250, cleaning deposit $250. Reservation requires a 20% deposit with balance due 45 days in advance of arrival. All major credit cards accepted.

For additional information on our vacation rental package, Please contact the PineCrest for booking details. matt@pinecrestmaine.com